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What is Toptal like from the perspective of the firm hiring a Toptal engineer?

I have learned Toptal (company) very closely, as they are a competitor of Coding Ninjas (I’m the CEO). Also, we have customers, who hired through TopTal before.

To tell the truth...

Mike Peattie, Hockey Blogger, Podcaster, Massive Fan

This will convert the prospects of the Golden Knights from Unlikely to Succeed to Almost Certainly a Disaster.

Las Vegas is not, and has never been, a hockey town. It’s also a small media town- #40 in the US, behind Hartford, Cincinatti, Houston, Salt Lake City, and Portland. On the plus side, there are some TV ratings numbers that point to Las Vegas watching hockey on TV at a pretty good rate. However, two previous minor league teams (the Thunder and Wranglers) both folded. Putting all of these together, I’d put the chances of the team being successful as slightly below average, with high variance.

But this is before the NFL moved in. The entertainment dollar is increasingly fractured, and there just isn’t enough room for a healthy yet niche sport like hockey to grow in an nontraditional market next to the most popular sport in America. It just isn’t happening. The NHL season and the NFL season overlap for the first four months of the season, and unless the Knights become very good very quickly (spoiler alert: they won’t) they will be completely forgotten come March. You can’t build a fanbase with 30–60 days worth of meaningful games, and more importantly, top billing on the local news.

One or more (and probably all) of the following would have to happen for the Knights to really succeed:

  • The Raiders would have to seriously suck for a long time
  • The Knights would have to be a playoff team quickly to build local buzz
  • Local support would have to be significant (10k+ season ticket holders)
  • Away fans flying in to see their team would have to be consistent and long-lasting, not just a novelty in the first couple of seasons

Jersey White Baseball Odor Rougned Throwback Stitched Rangers They may not end up being as bad as Arizona, as they have a well-placed arena, but I’m not bullish on Vegas being a hockey market.

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